Lara’s & Dmytro’s wedding

Our story

It couldn’t have been by chance that we met in summer 2017 at a mathematical conference, which was held in Lübeck, in one of the most beautiful old German towns. This place became special for us and later in summer 2020 we returned there already as a couple.

Us, Lübeck, 2020.

In fact, when we decided to seal our union, it was difficult to find a no less romantic place for the ceremony. We hope to not disappoint your expectations :)

Location: Villa Barberino, Tuscany, Italy

We will celebrate our wedding at Villa Barberino in sunny Tuscany. This will be the site of the civil ceremony as well as the celebration including reception and dinner, all set outside in the beautiful gardens.

The civil ceremony will take place on the 29th of June 2022, and in the afternoon of the same day we will celebrate our union in a religious ceremony in a beautiful old church Pieve di San Romolo a Gaville build around year 1000, 10 minutes by car from the Villa.

See also: Lara’s & Dmytro’s wedding map.


The closest airport for those arriving by plane is Florence. There is also a train station not so far from the villa in “San Giovanni Valdarno”, which has a direct connection to the central train station in Florence. Don’t hesistate to contact Jessica Filp or Dmytro Brezhnev concerning questions about your arrival. For those coming by car there is enough parking space at the villa.

See also: Lara’s & Dmytro’s wedding map.


The villa also provides a hotel and a few appartments, which means you can book a room for your stay at the Villa and after a long night of celebration you will fall directly into bed into the pool.

We expect most of the guests to arrive on the 28th of June, therefore there will be a small aperitivo on the 28th in the evening to welcome everyone. If it fits your plans to extend your stay at Villa Barberino then you are very welcome to keep us some company from the 27th of June to the 1st of July.

The prices of the hotel rooms per night are as follows:

For booking a hotel room or an appartment we recommend contacting Claudia via (she speaks very good English).

Wedding day


For the people keen to visit Florence during their stay and came by car: there is a parking space easily accessible from the motorway called “parcheggio Villa Costanza” from where you can take the tram into the center of Florence. We have used this before, it’s simple and convenient.

Dress code

We encourage long evening gowns for women and fancy suits of any color for men. A bow tie is required for men :)

Dietary needs

Please let us know if you have any allergies or dietary needs (vegan, vegetarian, etc).

Thank you!

Us, Villa Barberino, 2022.

A long, unforgettable and wonderful day with the very best guests lies behind us. We want to thank you for all the wonderful moments, the uncountable congratulations and the beautiful, unique cards and gifts we received. We will always keep this special day in our hearts.

For a long time we did not know if we would be able to marry, there were many obstacles to overcome mainly due to the war of aggression against Ukraine. Not all happened as we had planned, but it was good how it was and absolutely special. All worked out thanks to endurance and the help and efforts of many. In the end, we got to have the wedding of our dreams and we hope you enjoyed this day as much as we did.

You can view all the photos here.